Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush spray tanning is another way to achieve that beautiful, golden-bronze skin tone. It is an alternative tanning that has replaced sun bathing and tanning beds. Some people prefer airbrush tanning because it’s UV-Free and you can get the same results of the sun. Spray tanning is a process in which DHA, a sugar derived substance, stains the top layer of your skin. Airbrush tanning is like makeup for the body! It can hide imperfections like stretch marks, cellulite, sun spots, and spider veins. Spray tanning can also make you appear slimmer by contouring the body.

Airbrush Spray Tanning

Full Body Spray Tan $40
Rapid Tan 2-8 Hours Spray Tan $45
Fitness Competition Tanning $80
Luxury Mobile Tanning $45

Airbrush Spray Tanning Packages

Two Sprays $40 each
Three Sprays $40 each
Four Sprays $35 each
Five Sprays $30 each


Skin care is KEY for longevity….

Tanning solutions only stain the very top layer of the skin, so your tan will last as long as it takes for your skin to naturally exfoliate itself, around 7-10 days. If taken care of properly by following our Skin Prep & After Care instructions,the tan should last around 7-10 days!

Also by using our tan extending lotions and a sulfate free body washes can help to extend the tan for up to 3 weeks!

We use the best airbrush spray tanning products on the market and always receive positive feedback from our customers. You will love your natural looking spray tan!