Indoor tanning lotions are an important part of the tanning process to keeping your skin hydrated and looking heathy while maintaining that golden bronze color. Our salon offers a wide range of lotions to accommodate all our customers needs. 

Facts about indoor tanning lotions that you might not know:

  • May or may not contain SPF—- While most regular suntan lotions contain a sunscreen, indoor tanning lotions typically do not.
  • They enhance UV rays instead of clocking them like regular sessions
  • Indoor tanning lotions work best during short tanning sessions —Regular suntan lotions are designed to protect you during long periods of time spent outside in the sunlight.
  • Won’t damage tanning beds – Regular tanning lotions will damage the acrylic material that tanning beds are made of. In addition, using a regular tanning lotion in a tanning bed creates a film on the acrylic that ultimately restricts the tanning process.
  • Provide nutrients & vitamins to your skin — Indoor tanning lotions tend to contain lots of helpful ingredients that nourish your skin, making it softer and healthier.
  • Enhance and even out your tan – By hydrating your skin with indoor tanning lotions, your tan will be more even. Using an indoor tanning lotion on a regular basis can help to enhance the tone of your natural tan and give you that great glow.
  • Develop your tan even after you leave the salon – Some indoor lotions have tan enhancing agents, that way you don’t stop tanning after leaving the tanning bed.
  • Prevent burning – Although most indoor tanning lotions do not contain SPF, using an indoor tanning lotion an help prevent sunburns since it will keep your skin moisturized.

Some of our favorite brands: