Our Services include: UV tanning, VersaSpa Sunless tanning, Airbrush Sunless tanning, hydration via our coveted Hydration Station, and LipoSculpting.

The Best In Sunless Tanning!

Don’t settle for less than the best!  Especially when the price is the same..  Try our VersaSpa for a flawless tan in less than a minute.. Ask anyone who’s ever had a good spray tan and they will tell you, VersaSpa is the best!

12 Minutes of Bliss!

Get the perfect glow in comfort and style! Our tanning beds are levels 3 and 4 and range from 10 to 12 minutes for our upper level and 20 minutes for our lower level. Rest assured, however, we have something for everyone!

Glow + Relax

Need a glass of wine?

Try our AMAZING Hydration Station!

Treat yourself once in a while! Imagine this: show up after a bad day at work and hop into a warm cloud of steam filled with aroma therapy. You lay down on a vibrating massage bed and get lost for 20 minutes while the world passes you by. The time passes and you hit the road ready for the rest of the day only to realize you just burned a whole bunch of calories while you were off in lala land! Come try it:) It’s worth the trip!