Tanning Beds


Level 3 Beds

Sunburst 4000

We offer 2 of the Sunburst 4000 Series which is fitted as standard with a central air extractor, adjustable body cooler and Sunfit lamps. The Sunburst is a UVB unit also known as the building rays.

*The maximum exposure time of 20 minutes.


Ergoline E600 Classic

The Ergoline E600 is a lay down unit with 50 full length VHO-RUVA

tanning lamps that encapsulate the body in a field of ultra high-powered UVA tanning energy.  Simultaneously, the exclusive, patented, on-demand VIT 2.3 High Pressure Tanning System dramatically enhances melanin production and maximizes the oxidation process in the upper body and facial region. As an added amenity, the VIT 2.3 High Pressure Tanning System offers 4 levels of intensity to accommodate a variety of tanning preferences. A 5-lamp UVA shoulder tanning system provides the finishing touches on what thousands of savvy, demanding tanning enthusiasts describe as the ultimate, total-body tanning experience.

*The maximum exposure time is 12 minutes.

Level 4 Beds

ETS StarPower 52-4F

The ETS StarPower is a lay down unit with 48 body lamps, 4 shoulder lamps, and 4 face lamps. This bed offers the most comprehensive coverage ofany tanning bed. An integrated Vortex fan helps keep you cool and comfortable as you work your way to a beautiful bronze tan. You will be basking in tanning glory!

*The maximum exposure time is 12 minutes.

Sundome-Stand Up

This specially designed booth is shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity, so no matter where you stand inside the booth, you’re being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. You’ll love the quick, 10-minute, no contact tanning session. Exhaust fans and body fans continuously move air in, then out of the unit to create a cool, comfortable tanning environment. 20 – 1200 watt Mercury Vapor High Pressure lamps

*Stand Up unit with a maximum exposure time of 10 minutes.